A Thank You Note: to Father God

I just want to start of by saying, “Thank You Father God!”

Thank You for writing Your Word on my heart. It makes my heart beat as You breathe life into me daily.

Thank You for using Your Word to be a light unto my feet and a path for me to walk on and forward. I can now call on King Jesus to be my Help as He walks alongside me on these splendid paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

Thank You for planning out every detail of my life. Even in moments when I questioned Your plans for me, You allowed me to realize that Your plans are ALWAYS the best for me, O King Jesus Almighty.

Thank You for giving me a heart for children as a result of taking me to Lebanon and Japan. (for those of You who have not read my mission trip blogs to Lebanon and Japan, read them! Here are the links: lebanon2016blog.wordpress.com triptojapan2017.wordpress.com). Because of You, I now have a strong desire to serve children at church and home as I share the love of Jesus with them!

Thank You for anointing me with the gift of writing. Because of this amazing gift You have given me, I can now share Your Gospel to whoever reads my blogs and news articles for the Atlanta Christian Voice! 😉

Thank You for appointing me as News Editor of Atlanta Christian Voice. For such a time is this (my God). I can now be the mouthpiece of God in my writings as take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Atlanta and beyond.

Thank You for my church family. All of You have a special place in my heart for praying for me. Just know that I am praying for you too!

Thank You for my family. I love you, mom, dad, and sisters and brother (I hope you are reading this) and are praying for all of you to know the God I serve, King Jesus Almighty and to come to know Him personally. I love all of you very much. Just know that. I really do.

Thank You for providing me a place to live in Decatur, GA. I can now focus on my jobs as Editor of Atlanta Christian Voice and study for my doctorate.

Thank You for giving me the strength to persevere and study for my Ed.D. in Christian Education and Leadership. I will give my all to You as Your Holy Spirit leads me throughout my coursework.

Thank You for allowing me to be still and thank You for all of these things. Thank You Father God. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit. 🙂





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