A State of Humility

I am feeling inspired. I am feeling divinely inspired this new year of 2022!

As a child of God with bipolar disorder, I feel inspired to write to all of you today! God is faithful and His love me for is abundant for me yesterday, today, and forever!

~”Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”~ Hebrews 13:8, ESV~

Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior, is the same God of my life that He was in 2021 that He is and is to come in 2022! The faith of the Lord is marvelous in my life, as a child of God with bipolar disorder! Yes and Amen!

I remember when I entered the year of 2021. It started out for me as a very hard and difficult year, filled with ups and downs in my emotions because of the change that God allowed for me to go through, as a child of God with bipolar disorder.

I went to a mental health hospital in 2021 and being there taught me, through the power of God, how to be the light and love of His Son, Jesus Christ, to the multitudes, including the mentally-ill and those without a mental illness.

Even though I have not been to another mental health hospital since the previous year of 2021, I still decree and declare the goodness of the Lord in life today!

Being in the mental health hospital allowed the Holy Spirit of God to position me in a state of humility. This is because I am just like every other person on this planet: in need of Jesus and in that moment of my life, I really needed Him!

I remember when I was in the mental health hospital. I was waiting for the mental health professional to come into the room so that he could make sure that I did not have Coronavirus ( I tested negative for Coronavirus during my stay at the mental health hospital, so I praise and thank God for that!)

The mental health professional gave me a hard look….it was not one of a cold look, but of a stern look through his narrow and beady eyes and told me, “You are just like everybody else,” before swabbing my nose for the Coronavirus test for the testing of Coronavirus.

When the mental health professional made that comment, it humbled me, the more that I thought about it. It also made me think about how good and gracious that God was working in my life at the time.

One year later, into 2022, God is STILL GOOD and STILL FAITHFUL!!

It is the times of faithfulness that really pull us to God and not away from Him, so as to humble us! So, with that said, how has God humbled you, whether you struggle with a mental illness or not? Please comment below and peace and blessings!

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