Touch the World, in the Name of Jesus Christ

I am ready! I am ready for this season now, in this name of Jesus Christ!

“~A person’s steps are ordered by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?”~Proverbs 20:24, NIV~

Yes, dear reader: I am in a season of transition. This season of transition is beyond my own human understanding, but I thank the Lord God for it because it is growing me into the woman and follower of Jesus Christ, who the Lord ordained for me to become in such a time as this.

I work at a daycare for children. Working at the daycare has allowed for the Holy Spirit of God to give me discernment as to what my calling is: children and serving children is all a part of God’s special calling for my life. I have seen the Holy Spirit of God, alive and at work, in the lives of the children at the daycare. The Holy Spirit of God through the children have even helped me to understand a part of God’s plan and purpose for my life.

~”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”~Jeremiahs 29:11, NIV~

At the daycare, the Holy Spirit of God has fallen afresh on me. I have prayed, both silently and outloud, for the infants. I sang the song, “This Little Light of Mine,” to them. I wanted to be more than just about myself, but allow the Holy Spirit of God to enter into me at the daycare as I am the empty vessel and Jesus is Lord. I also bless the food by praying in front of the preschool class before I eat lunch (yes.—–I’m not ashamed to pray in front of them).

Dear reader, the Lord has used me in mighty ways to proclaim who Jesus is to the infants, toddlers, preschoolers, in other ways too: even the smallest of ways. Whether it is by giving the toddlers a hug or by pushing the preschoolers on the swing on the playground, the goodness and love of Christ are proclaimed at the daycare: everyday.

That’s right. Every. Single. Day. You may be wondering why I go to great lengths and depths to make the love of Jesus Christ known to these little ones. I want to make everyday count. I want to make every breath I breathe and every word I speak into the atmosphere matter because my character is a reflection of the image of God that is in Jesus Christ. I want to give an offering that is only found in the eternal life of Jesus Christ.

I remember when I was feeding a young baby a bottle of milk. As she was resting in my arms, she gazed up at me and I looked down at her. I sang the song, “Jesus Loves Me,” to this sweet little baby. and rocked her and rocked her to sleep. About twenty minutes later, this precious baby fell asleep! Hearing the Word of God being sung to this baby brought the peace of God to her soul! 

~”And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”~Philippians 4:7, NIV~

You see, dear reader: the Holy Spirit of God is alive and active. He is definitely at work and doing mighty things so that the children can see and know who Jesus is at the daycare. I am humbled by everything that God has accomplished and will not stop until His Holy Spirit says, “It is finished!”

God is good! My hope is that He can use you, dear reader, in whatever situation or circumstance that you are in to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to your friends, your family, and beyond! Let us pray! 🙂 :

Dear God,

Thank You for each reader who read this blog post. I bless them and cover them in the blood of Jesus Christ. Let each reader know how much that You love him or her and that no matter what his or her occupation is, the Holy Spirit of God is always alive, active, and at work and doing a mighty work through him or her. May Your Holy Spirit work in and through the secular and non-secular parts of this world. Let the lights of every reader, who is reading this blog, shine so that they can be a blessing to others in their daily lives. Show them their calling and may each reader not stop pressing into You as their destinies are fulfilled and until Your Holy Spirit says, “It is finished!” I give You all of the glory, the honor, and the praise.

In Jesus’ Name,


God bless you where you are, dear reader! May the love of God flow in you and out of you wherever you are at today!



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